Pedal Pushers - Black Board

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Size: 24x34

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During the warm summer months, who doesn't love to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine? This, "Pedal Pushers" black board, referring to the calf length pants, was inspired by Greg's love of summertime and all things vintage and beautifully aged...the design of the old fashioned bicycle, paired with the beautiful 1950's blonde...that's a combination worth keeping! Most of Greg's black board art is illustrated in black and white only, sometimes using a color here or there as an accent. This is an unusual and striking piece, because Greg made use of the 3 primary colors of the color wheel (red, blue, and yellow) and drew a subtle outline around the black pants, tires, and handlebars, letting the imagination turn the graphic shapes into realistic objects in the mind's eye. This is a wonderful combination of realism, negative space, and design. Perfect for any pinup collection! Created by Greg Hildebrandt in May 2010. SIGNED by GREG HILDEBRANDT FRAMED SIZE: 24"x34" IMAGE AREA: 20" x 30"