All that Jazz - Black Board

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Size: 20x30

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This item has been selected for the Heritage Illustration Art Auction #5347 in April 2018. As part of this special selection, items will be listed on the Heritage website for bidding, and will be at a live viewing and auction providing a unique opportunity for buyers to collect Hildebrandt art in a venue via bidding . These pieces will only be available for purchase through Heritage until the auction has ended. Open for internet bidding - April 3, 2018 View Dates - April 23- 24 2018 Auction Date - April 24, 2018 LOCATION: 1518 Slocum Street Dallas Texas 75207 Pieces in the Heritage Illustration Art Auction will be on display via the Heritage website for internet bidding starting April 3, 2018. The Live auction will take place April 24, 2018 Greg Hildebrandt is really getting into creating final pieces on BLACK BOARD these days. Of course this is not surprising as he loves GOTH-PULP and PINUP. One of Greg Hildebrandt’s most popular pin up art styles are his Black Board illustrations. Using an illustration board that is entirely black, Greg works in reverse from darkest dark to lightest light. This is exceptionally challenging for most artists, but for Greg, the challenge is part of the fun. As with all of his pin up illustrations, this piece takes us back in time to the 40’s and 50’s, the era Greg was raised in. Here we see a breathtaking woman, proud, sexy, and seductive, opening her arms to the viewer and inviting us to join her at the bar. Note the gorgeous art deco design, the ornamentation and decoration on the bar itself. Greg creates a beautiful setting that is only surpassed by the beauty of the woman at the bar. Signed by Greg Hildebrandt Mixed Media on black illustration board. Created December 2012. IMAGE AREA: 20” x 30” FRAMED SIZE: 23.5” x 33.5”