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Michael Jackson - Peter Pan concept sketch

Michael Jackson - Peter Pan concept sketch, Greg Hildebrandt
Michael Jackson - Peter Pan concept sketch

Greg Hildebrandt


This item has been selected for the Gotta Have It July 2018 Auction. As part of this special selection, items will be listed on the Gotta Have It website for bidding, providing a unique opportunity for buyers to collect artistsí artwork represented by SpiderwebArt Gallery in a new venue via bidding . These pieces will only be available for purchase through Gotta Have It until the auction has ended.

Pieces in the Gotta Have It auction will be on display via the Gotta Have It website. If you wish to bid on this piece, please visit www.GottaHaveRockAndRoll.com.

This was a concept sketch for a commissioned painting of Michael Jackson as Peter Pan in Neverland. Greg worked on the overall sketch in pieces, which were then combined to make one large image. The finished sketch can be seen in the enlarged view of this product.

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt.