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Darth Maul - Red Board

Darth Maul - Red Board, Greg Hildebrandt
Darth Maul - Red Board

Greg Hildebrandt


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Greg Hildebrandt is always looking for new ways to draw and paint. This is the FIRST ever RED BOARD Greg had worked on. Greg started with a blank red colored board, and he used black paint as the values. Greg took advantage of the bright red and allowed it be the rendering for Darth Maul’s classic red skin. The bold bright red contrasts with the extreme dark blacks creating a more graphic and energetic piece. Darth Maul’s yellow eyes pierce through the dark shadows casted by his heavy cloak. Darth Maul’s tattoos fade and blend into the shadows making him truly one with the Dark Side.

Created November 2017

Mixed medium on red board

Image Size:

33.5”x23.5” inches

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt