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Gail-Sin City - Black board

Gail-Sin City - Black board, Greg Hildebrandt
Gail-Sin City - Black board

Greg Hildebrandt


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Greg draws all different types of women! Sweet, kind, sexy, strong, bold, sassy, funny, confident, happy, wild, and dangerous. Here is one of Gregís many black boards he has completed. Guns and chicks! This here is not just any chick. This beauty named Gail starred in Frank Millerís Sin City. Sin City is a black and white neo-noir action film. It only made sense to draw Gail in black and white with pops of red. Greg loves drawing black boards he loves contrast the heavy blacks have with the subtle and smooth renderings of the skin and intricate details of the main characterís boots and body suit. The heavy lettering gives the black board a graphic and comic book feel to it.

Created November 2017

Mixed Medium on Black Board

Signed by Greg Hildebrandt