Blonde, White and Blue - ZIPPO Lighter

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Size: 1.5x2.25

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Greg Hildebrandt’s “American Beauties” are available one ZIPPO lighters! These perfect collectibles fit right in your pocket! In an effort to make these even more unique every lighter is numbered. There are only 100 pieces in each edition. Every lighter comes with a numbered certificate that will be hand signed by Greg. You get the official ZIPPO box, a certificate of authenticity, and gorgeous high-quality lighter showcasing your favorite Hildebrandt pin-up! Important: We have purchased all of ZIPPO’s stock of these unique lighters, and we will not be making anymore. If you want one, order it when we have them! We will not have additional lighters. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good! Each lighter comes individually boxed. Art by Greg Hildebrandt.